TPM acquire midgåård

ThePlayMakers have acquired the WA powerhouse previously under the banner of midgåård.

The team has been competing in WA LAN’s under midgåård – where David “FbZ” Randles and company finished 1st place in WAGamers first and third installments of their CSGO competitions.

ThePlayMakers have now acquired the squad, they’ll be living separately while training four times a week online.

As the roster is yet to finalize a 5th, the team have temporarily brought in Patrick “VVhatever” Main, who will stand in for the Westies until the position is filled.

ThePlayMakers have returned with a CS:GO team after 6 years away from the Counter-Strike title, the last time ThePlayMakers had a roster under their wings was in September 2010.

“It’s exciting to start this new chapter in our team’s life. TPM opens up a lot of possibilities, we believe that with this support we can soon compete head-to-head with some of the top teams in Australia.” ThePlayMakers member, Joel “whare” Spry, stated.

“We are sure that with TPM’s support we will be able to make our dreams come true and can’t wait to start working towards achieving that.”

ThePlayMakers now have:

au David “FbZ” Randles
au Joel “whare” Spry
au Jordan “aku-aku” Ryan
au Reece “firmz” Cera
au Coming “TBA” Soon

au Patrick “VVhatever” Main (Stand-In)

ThePlayMakers will be participating in the upcoming CyberGamer Summer Season and the Triggered ODC #2 on the 19th of November.