ANH returns to ThePlayMakers

ThePlayMakers have confirmed the re-signing of Anthony “ANH” Taylor.

The 26-year-old returns to the Western Australian team seven years after retiring to further his career in real life, last competing in November, 2010 taking first place at the 1.6 competition “GC Sunday Sessions #3”.

ign1te, eCENCE & ANH at Elysium Community Nationals. Brisbane, 2010.


ANH will step into the shoes of Jordan “aku-aku” Ryan, who was removed from the team’s active lineup in November over reasons that we choose not to disclose.

ThePlayMakers have also acquired the services of Michael “tSN” Gajdowski who will be filling in for the team until we can find a suitable fifth.

This is what our CSGO Captain, David “FbZ” Randles had to say about the acquisitions “I’m very excited about the return of ANH, he is like a brother to me and my favorite person to play counter-strike with. I have a lot of great memories with Anthony back when we competed in 1.6 together, I know he has been out for a long time but i have the utmost confidence he can return to be a top tier player in australia again and that gives me and my team a lot of confidence.”

“tSN is a guy we all get on with and is happy to fill any role without complaint, a cool head who helps us look at things in a different view. he will probably move into a coaching/6th role” he continued.

We also asked ANH how he feels about returning to CS:GO and ThePlayMakers, here’s what he said “I have been playing with some of these guys—tsn,firmz and fbz—for years and years, which makes returning to TPM like walking into a family reunion after we’ve all spent some time apart: all the old memories are there, all the excitement of being together again is there and all the future experiences are waiting to happen. So I am extremely keen for us to get back to the well-driven and well-focused team that we used to be, because, at the end of the day, this is what we were all born to do: headshot.”.

ThePlayMakers now house the following players:

David “FbZ” Randles
Joel “whare” Spry
Anthony “ANH” Taylor
Reece “firmz” Cera
Michael “tSN” Gajdowski (Stand-In)